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Estonia Condemns Use of Violence by Ukrainian Authorities Against Its Own Citizens


Foreign Minister Urmas Paet strongly condemned the decision by Ukrainian authorities to once again use violence against peaceful demonstrators.

Foreign Minister Paet emphasised that the Ukrainian government must stop using violence against its own people. “The violent dispersal of peaceful demonstrators by special forces under the cover of darkness is unacceptable and its deeply undermines trust. This kind of action is very far removed from the principles of democracy,” stressed Paet.

Paet asserted that, in the future, Ukrainian authorities must refrain from any kind of violence against peaceful demonstrators.

According to the Estonian foreign minister, the rapid restoration of dialogue about the country’s future and the inclusion of all stakeholders in that process are both important if Ukraine is to resolve the political crisis. “The Ukrainian government must take into account its people’s desires when shaping its future,” stated Paet. “Only by joint action involving both the opposition and the government will it be possible to find real and effective solutions for Ukraine,” added Foreign Minister Paet.

Estonia has always supported Ukraine’s path towards the European Union and will continue to do so, according to Paet. “The Ukrainian people deserve a democratic country with rule of law and they must be supported on this path,” he added. “We hope that, in the near future, Ukraine will be ready to sign an association agreement with the European Union which would also include the creation of a free trade area,” he added. Additionally, Paet considers visa freedom between the European Union and Ukraine to be important.  


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