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Estonia accepted a person released from Guantanamo Bay


Stenbock House, 15. January – Based on the Government's decision of 9. October to meet a US request, a person released from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp arrived in Estonia yesterday afternoon and applied for asylum.
In this, Estonia is supporting the goal of the US to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. People released from Guantanamo Bay often cannot return to their homelands, as it would mean a great risk to their safety. The person who arrived in Estonia has not been convicted of a crime; he arrived here at his own free will and he wishes to stay here.
Estonia aims to guarantee a smooth acclimation to the individual in order to ensure his independent subsistence in our society in the future. At present, the person has applied for asylum in Estonia, i.e. international protection on the basis of the Act on Granting International Protection to Aliens, administrated by the Police and Border Guard Board. As an applicant for international protection, the person has the right to social support services from the state, which are administrated by the Ministry of Social Affairs as stipulated in legislation.
A person to whom international protection is granted, will receive a temporary residence permit and subsistence support according to the law, an opportunity to learn Estonian is guaranteed to make acclimation easier and, if needed, translation services are provided in communicating with the authorities and health institutions.
Since 2009, a total of 64 persons have been released from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and they were accepted for humanitarian resettlement, e.g. 3 in Albania, 1 in Belgium, 4 in Bermuda, 1 in Bulgaria, 1 in Cape Verde, 2 in El Salvador, 2 in France, 6 in Georgia, 2 in Germany, 1 in Hungary, 2 in Ireland, 5 in Kazakhstan, 1 in Latvia, 6 in Palau, 2 in Portugal, 5 in Qatar, 8 in Slovakia, 3 in Spain, 3 in Switzerland and 6 in Uruguay.  
In addition to those, 44 persons has been transferred for repatriation for example to Great Britain and Italy.
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